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Join @tglyssonfit right here as she takes you on her 30 day skin revamp journey with our Perfection Collection Products. She would be showing you her revamp story for 30 days; from our body lotion to face beauty treats and more!!!! 

Day 1

Being a coach in South Florida is amazing but my skin’s always feels dry and rough. Perfection beauty has the best Product to make a skin soft glowing and Aint amazing you deserve this boo go to the website in order right now.

Day 2

You know, the one who spends seven hours in the salon or spends two hours with her eyelash extension expert. Treatments like these (we’re talking everything from varicose vein treatments to laser hair removal to eyelash tinting to permanent makeup) can be truly life-changing — they can save you money and precious getting ready time in the long run.