About Us

About Beauty Concerns USA

Your skin tells a perfect story — and every inch of you is a testament to your unique and beautiful journey. We want to honor and protect your skin on that journey. We’re obsessed with your skin and that is why we created skin care products which celebrate and combine the best global traditional and scientific beauty secrets, methods and routines to naturally treat all skin types and concerns.

Our comprehensive product line includes daily treatments, moisturizers, serums, acne products, cleansers and toners, eye care products, exfoliants, brushes and applicators. Long term results continue to astound consumers. What’s more, there’s not a better value in the marketplace for these unique products that boost moisture, reduce fine lines and discoloration, while brightening the complexion.

Origin Story

After realizing that even the most luxurious of beauty products failed to realistically educate and treat diverse skin types, 25-year beauty industry veteran Mina Park-Okoloko embarked on a five year journey of research dedicated to discovering and amplifying beauty treatments from around the world.

Mina Park-Okoloko used inspiration sparked by the diaspora of traditional beauty practices and natural ingredients used by ancestors of African and Asian cultures. The result was her first collection, Perfection by Beauty Concerns; a meticulously edited product line addressing universal hyperpigmentation, suppleness, clarity,  and dryness.


About Our Founder

“Creating a skincare line that focuses on resolving beauty and skincare concerns as well as enhancing one’s beauty at the same time in a win-win situation.” – Mina Park-Okoloko


Mina Park-Okoloko brings more than 25+ years of aesthetic research, consulting, education and training skincare to Beauty Concerns USA. 

A former lawyer, Mina Park-Okoloko transitioned from her legal career to pursue her lifelong interest in all facets of beauty and wellness. In 1999, she enrolled in the Carlton Institute of Beauty, Durham, UK. After achieving her licensure as an esthetician, she opened her first Med Spa in her hometown of Lagos, Nigeria.

Treating diverse skin over the years led Mina to realize that the majority of beauty products failed to address specific beauty concerns of brown and black skin, setting her on a 5 year journey of research and discovery of beauty treatments around the world.  The result is Beauty Concerns, Mina’s keen focus is on highlighting prescriptive beauty practices around the world.