Mina’s Story

Written by Mina Okoloko

Mina Okoloko is women driven by finding solutions rather than focusing on problems, equity and access over restriction and scarcity, and celebrating life. So it is no mystery that she created Beauty Concerns when she became frustrated with the lack of skin care products that effectively and realistically educate and address pigmentation and texture challenges.

As a child growing up in Nigeria, Okoloko struggled with chronic dry skin and hyperpigmentation, especially on her hands. “I was incredibly self conscious. My nickname was ‘squirrel hands’.  I tried nearly every skin care product available. But nothing worked. I resorted to camouflage- flashy jewelry, makeup…anything that would distract attention from what I considered to be my biggest flaw.”

Years of shame and self/consciousness sparked training, research and experimentation. After practicing law, Mina transitioned careers to apprentice in the beauty industry. In 1999, she enrolled in the Carlton Institute of Beauty, Durham, UK. After achieving her licensure as an esthetician, she opened her first Med Spa in her hometown of Lagos, Nigeria.   Her relentless curiosity took her around the world, studying how different cultures and customs influence beauty routines. The result is a 25 year journey in beauty- and Beauty Concerns skin care products; a blend of clinical grade and traditional formulations, was borne.

Her first collection, Perfection by Beauty Concerns, is a meticulously edited product line developed for those suffering with hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, melasma and chronic dryness.

While the products are phenomenal, Mina’s goal all along was provide a sense of freedom from burden of beauty perfection perceptions and renew a sense of self- celebration and self love, no matter the beauty concern.  “No woman or man should feel less than they are because they do not fit into a specific category or box that is unrealistic, unattainable or unsustainable.  We all have beauty concerns, but rather than trying to hide or completely transform into something, lets give our bodies and minds what it needs. We can be our own version of ‘perfect’ – which is the best version.”